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Sage Haven Remedial Therapies aims to dispel the notion that with age comes pain. Through manual therapies, including Bowen therapy and Remedial Massage plus exercise, we help you heal.

Remedial Massage

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If you have aches, pains and injuries Sage Haven Remedial Therapies can help the body repair and recover with treatments as individual as you are.


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Help your body to perform better and feel better at any age

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About Us

Sage Haven Remedial Therapies provides Bowen Therapy to dispel the notion that with age comes pain. 

We also use a variety of other techniques which ensures that your treatment is as individual as you are! It is therefore more effective than Bowen Therapy alone.

We can tailor an exercise regime that perfectly compliments your given treatment, advice on any modifications to your current activities and most importantly we can provide a treatment to help your body perform better at any age.

*Health Fund Rebates maybe claimable.

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"After suffering chronic hip pain, having multiple scans and an unsuccessful cortisone injection, Elise isolated the location of the problem and treated it. She is excellent at releasing knotted muscles, giving instant relief. I highly recommended"

Karen R

"Bowen Therapy was the only therapy I found effective after the birth of my first child. A traumatic labor which left me in quite a lot of pain and not feeling right for almost 10 months post birth. Coupled with nutrition advice for baby and myself, and the Bowen Treatments I was able to quickly feel normality again without the severe pain. Too many other therapies were rough and short-lived, whereas Bowen was soft enough to enjoy but had longer-lasting benefits. I cannot recommend Elise's excellent service, a wealth of knowledge and treatments."



Bowen Therapy Title

Bowen Therapy

This gentle therapy can be applied when many other techniques can not. During pregnancy, cases of trauma and chronic pain can all benefit from Bowen Therapy.

Remedial Massage, shoulder pain


Be it sports or remedial massage, we have a style that will soothe the muscles and reduce your stress.

*non-sexual service


Remedial Therapies, bowen therapy

Remedial Therapies

Whilst Bowen Therapy and Massage make up most of our treatments, there are many other techniques we can add to enhance your treatment. Vacuum cupping, Lymph work, scar tissue release and trigger points just to name a few.

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Sage Haven Remedial Therapies is for everybody!

If you have sports injuries, chronic pain and ongoing aches.

Let us know in the message if you are interested in bowen therapy or another remedial massage technique.

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